How Do You Know You Have an Undersized Pool Pump?

2 August 2016
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Many people who own small or medium-sized pools may buy a pump that has an inbuilt filter in order to use the least amount of space for the pump and filtration system. However, some of those homeowners may have a pump and filtration system that is too small for their pool. This article discusses some of the signs that can show you that your pool pump and filter are too small.

Poor Water Clarity

One of the signs that a pump and filter combination is too small for your pool is the cloudiness in the pool water. A correctly sized pump and filter can re-circulate all the water in the pool so that all causes of cloudiness are removed. You should therefore be concerned if your pool water isn't clear even if the pump operates regularly. The pump and filtration system may be too small for that pool.

Increased Run Time

The amount of energy consumed by your pump and filtration system may depend on how long that system runs. A powerful pump takes a short time to turn over all the water so that it is filtered. A small pump takes a longer time to achieve the same effect. You should therefore suspect that your pump and filter are too small if the pump runs for a long time before it cycles off. You may need to talk to a professional so that you are advised about the suitability of your current pump/filtration system.

Increased Use of Chemicals

Have you found yourself having to use a larger quantity of chlorine and other chemicals to keep the pool free from algae and other forms of biological matter? That larger volume of chemicals that you use may be an indicator that you could be trying to compensate for the undersized filter and pool pump. A bigger pump and filter will keep the pool water clearer and free from microorganisms without the heavy use of chemicals.

Frequent Filter Cleaning

Having to clean your filter frequently, such as weekly, may be an indicator that the filter is too small for that pool. Such a scenario may compel you to buy a new pump/filter system in case your current one is a combination of those two pool components.

One of the signs above may not be sufficient for you to conclude that the pump and filter are too small for your pool. However, a combination of the signs above is likely to be a strong indicator that you may need to upgrade the pump/filter system of your pool. If you notice these signs, contact a professional pool contractor to have a new pool pump and filter installed.