How to Choose a Chainsaw for Home Use

6 March 2017
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A chainsaw might be more useful around your home than you realise; it can easily cut down trees or tree limbs, and then cut through those trimmed pieces for firewood or easier disposal. Smaller chainsaws can also be used for pruning and trimming thick shrubbery. When you are ready to invest in a chainsaw for home use, note a few tips for choosing the best one for your needs.

Gas versus electric

Gas-powered chainsaws are heavier and stronger, so they're better if you want to clear actual trees or will need to consistently cut through thick tree branches or logs. They're also more convenient to use in the corners of your property, since you don't need to connect them to a power source with extension cords or worry about swapping out batteries once one has worn down.

Electric chainsaws are lighter and may be easier to manage for many people; they're also quieter, and will mean not having to store fuel on your property. However, you do need some good extension cords or may need to invest in a battery backup, depending on the life of the included battery. Electric chainsaws are usually not strong enough to cut through thick tree branches and trunks, so use these for trimming and pruning thick shrubs, or when you need to just trim down some firewood pieces.

Length of blade

The length of the blade can range from just a few inches or centimetres to a professional-quality blade that is more than a foot or meter in length, or even longer. The longer cutting blades are needed for working through thick tree branches and trunks, but they're also heavier and harder to manage for amateurs. Remember that the moving blade and resistance of the item you're cutting will make the saw even heavier and harder to control, so don't just choose the longest blade you can afford, thinking it will make quick work of your cutting jobs. Opt for a weight you can easily manage and be prepared to take your time when working with a shorter blade.

Volts and amps

Note the power, typically measured in volts and amps, of the chainsaw. The more power the saw uses, the stronger it will be and the more it will be able to push through the item being cut. You might choose a chainsaw with a shorter blade but more power if you need to cut through thicker items on your property, so you have the cutting strength you need but without the added weight of a long blade.

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